271-H-Clear Plastic ID Card Holder

Clear Plastic ID Card Holder. For Horizontal ID cards.
Product Size : 112 x 174 mm


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Features & Compatibility

The plastic ID card holder is beneficial for carrying your ID cards without using your hands. These are made of transparent plastic material. This soft material protects the card from falling, bending, or scratching. There is a soft loop on the top by which you can wear the card.  This customized item is perfect to display the identity in different events like exhibitions or official events.

Moreover, we provide cardholders wholesale. You can give this item as an ID holder to the workers in the company to display their identities while working. In some offices, it is crucial to show the official identity cards every time So plastic ID card holder wholesale is beneficial in this case. The quality is also satisfying. With these cards, don’t compromise your professionalism anymore.

This cardholder is superb and cheap for your company giveaways and the official events of your company. You may also use this as a corporate gift for the employees of your company. However, the same cardholders for every employee create a sense of discipline and equality. Everyone wearing the same cardholder gives the office an organized look.

  • Made of plastic material.
  • Transparent and clear.
  • Available wholesale.
  • Perfect for professional use.

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