Vestel-86″ Professional UHD Signage Displays – PDU86S30B/7

Introducing the 86″ Professional UHD Signage Display – PDU86S30B/7, a commanding and feature-rich solution designed to deliver immersive visual experiences for professional signage applications. This high-performance display combines a generous screen size with cutting-edge technology to enhance communication and captivate audiences.


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Features & Compatibility

Signal Failover Our SoC Software has a protection for “No Signal” scenario. If the USB is unplugged after your content is set to be displayed with USB, the display will either show your customized banner or search for any other signal from other sources (HDMI, Display Port, etc.). This failover protection is constructed for higher user experience.

SoC Content Management With quad core SoC (System on Chip), this Series displays are the digital signage monitors for both offline designed content and cloud-based managed content. This helps your digital content to be displayed in the displays by content management systems.

Subtle Design This series’ displays exhibit ultra narrow bezel design eliminating the visual superfluities, directing audience focus on your advertised content. This series is found to be desirable for digital signage specific design: internal usb cover, OPS-slot, detachable power plug, carrying handles and IR extender.

Daisy Chain The display can mirror the content (to another display) into its display port out coming from its display port in. This set up creates a daisy chain like structure allowing for monitors to be set up as Video Wall mode.

OPS Support All our products in this series have compliance with OPS (Open Pluggable Standard). OPS will empower your screens with enhanced processing power and ability to choose Windows or Android as your operating system to fit your specific application.

Touch Support Our touch screens are compatible with this series. Infrared (IR) Touch Screens is designed to equip your current product with user-interactivity allowing the display to be smart display and many interactive applications to be enjoyed by the end users. The design also permits any person to overlay the touch screen on the display easily.

External Device Connections You may want to connect your teleconference system, screen sharing system, set-top box or external PCs via HDMI port. For this purposes, our monitors help you to maximize user experience with HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and HDMI Hotplug capabilities.

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