Bamboo Pens-069-S

Bamboo Pen with Silver Clip
and Tip. Pen Type : Ball Point,
Ink Color : Blue
Product Size : 140 x 11 mm.
Printing Options : Screen Printing, Laser Engraving.


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Features & Compatibility

Bamboo pens had created with a unique combination of bamboo and silver. It?s a good combination of nature and style. Thus, these bamboo pens are 2 in 1 pens. This eco-friendly pen has a barrel made of original bamboo material. Thus, these pens are nature-friendly and help in making the environment free of plastic. Moreover, it comes with a chrome clip made of durable silver. Thus, you can use it to attach the pen to your shirt or bag. These promotional bamboo pens are excellent for corporate gift suppliers in Sharjah.

The tip and button of this pen are also made of silver. This pen comes with a push-button mechanism. Thus, you can switch the nib on and off. These promotional bamboo pens are excellent for corporate gift suppliers in Sharjah. These promotional eco-friendly pens come with UV printing, screen printing, and PAD printing options. Thus, they are excellent promotional items for business giveaways. You can use these promotional bamboo pens for your brand promotion. Thus, they will help you in promoting your brand. You can also customize these pens with the names of your friends and family.

  • Made of durable bamboo material.
  • Stylish and unique item.
  • Promotional eco-friendly pens.
  • Best gift items for corporate gift suppliers in Sharjah.
  • Silvertip, button, and clip.
  • Customizing option for logo imprinting.

Pen Printing Options

  • UV Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • PAD Printing

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