The BAUER RE-AKT 75 Helmet is a top-tier choice for hockey players seeking premium head protection. With advanced safety technology and a comfortable fit, it offers uncompromised security and performance. This helmet is designed for both amateur and competitive players, combining style and safety to enhance your game. Elevate your play with the BAUER RE-AKT 75 Helmet, where excellence in protection meets a sleek and modern design.


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It’s not up for debate. Your helmet is the most important piece of equipment in your hockey bag. As a leader in premier equipment Bauer knows this better than anyone, but they also knew that not everyone could afford an elite level helmet so the Re-AKt 75 was born. Outfitted with a comprehensive package of Bauer’s best impact management systems, the 75 is ready to manage impacts of all types, directions, and velocities. The majority of the shell is lined with multi-density impact management foam. This is important because not all hits in hockey are bone rattlers, but they all send shock waves through your head and cause impacts inside the skull. Having a foam capable of compressing under a variety of impact speeds is essential. Bauer has also included their Poron XRD foam in the temples of the helmet to help protect the most sensitive part of your skull from even the most subtle shocks, as their Poron is capable of compressing with very little provocation. Finally, the back of the helmet is loaded with Seven+ Tech which you’ll recognize from the IMS 7 and M-11 helmets of the past. Seven+ Tech is composed of plastic cylinders that are capable of absorbing shock and returning to rest much more quickly than conventional foams. The beauty of their presence in the 75 is the location – in the back of the helmet they’ll be able to manage the shock of hitting the ice or boards after the initial check much more efficiently than a simple foam counter-part. Finally, Bauer’s tool-less two-piece slide adjustment system combines with their new molded occipital support system to provide players with ample latitude to adjust their helmet to achieve that perfect fit.

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