Colored Pencils Pack-GFK-03

Promotional Pencils in Cardboard Box. An art medium constructed of a narrow, pigmented core encased in a wooden case. Set of 12 different colours. Printing Options : Screen Printing, UV Printing.


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Features & Compatibility

Colored pencils packs are excellent promotional items. These pencils come in a set of 12 different colors. This set is a good natural item for promotional gifts. Thus, this colored pencil set is a perfect natural gift. These eco-friendly colored pencils had crafted with original and eco-friendly wooden material. Thus, these wooden pencils help in making the environment free of plastic. Moreover, these pencils come with an eco-friendly box made of brown cardboard material. Thus, you can use this cardboard box of colored pencils for printing your logo on it. You can also use it for printing colorful symbols.

These promotional items are excellent for stationery distributors in UAE. These wooden color pencils come with UV printing and screen printing options. Thus, you can customize the cardboard box with colorful logos. If you have a creative brand or company, you can use these colored pencils for your brand promotion. Thus, they will help you in promoting your brand. You can also customize these wooden pencils with cardboard boxes with the names of your children to give them as a gift.

  • Made of eco-friendly wooden material.
  • Creative and colorful item.
  • Best promotional gifts for children.
  • Best gift items for stationery distributors in UAE
  • Set of 12 different colored pencils.

Printing Options

  • Screen Printing
  • UV Printing.

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