INB-08-Lens Cover Name Badges

Lens Cover Rectangular Name Badges. Optional Backside pin or magnet attachment. Product Size : 80 x40 mm. Printing Options : Sublimation.


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Features & Compatibility

Lens cover name badges are three name badges. These branded badges had specially designed for keeping your printed names or logos safe. It had crafted from metal material. Thus, they are durable and strong. Moreover, they have glittery matte surfaces. Due to the lustrous metal. These promotional lens cover badges comprise a unique structure. It had composed of rectangular a little engraved form with outlines pointed on top. After that, they are printed with your desired logo or name. Then, they have covered with the lens cover. These lens covers give them a more polished and professional look. Moreover, the corrosion and breakage resistance. Thus, they do not break and remain in place.

Furthermore, they are reusable. Also, you can choose whether to use a pin or magnet for attachment. The size of these branded badges is 80 x 40 mm. Moreover, they also come with a sublimation printing option. Thus, you can customize these printed badges. You can choose any name or logo for customization. Thus, these printed badges will help you in promoting your brand?s name.

  • Manufactured from metal material.
  • Reusable and protective lens cover.
  • Available size: 80 x 40 mm.
  • Available colors: silver, golden, and white.
  • Pin or magnet for badge attachment.
  • Creative promotional lens cover badges.

Printing Options

  • Full-Color Sublimation

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