Phone USB OTG Combo-USB-42

Phone USB – OTG Combo. USB & Micro port. Product Size : 70 x 18 mm.
Printing Options : Laser Markings, Screen Printing.


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Features & Compatibility

Phone USB flash drives are a valuable item of the 21st century that is rare. It is an easy device that can store data from 4GB to 16 GB. This personalized device can preserve hundreds of files easily. The explicit connection of the device to the mobile phone can easily transfer data.

This?personalized flash drive also has covers for both the mobile and the USB piece. These covers save the USB from dust and breaking at the same time.? These phone flash drives are customizable as they have a printing option. People are always attracted to the product with quality design which you can get through our excellent printing methods. You can have your name or company?s logo engraved onto these customized flash drives?to promote your brand professionally.

This device will be a SAWG gift for your friends or family. If you want to boast of your business this device as a promotional gift can work. Give this flash USB Drive to your business partners as a promotional gift, to show that you?re SWAG.

  • The memory size of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB
  • Compact and handy
  • Covers to protect it from breakage and dust
  • Compatible with phone, mobile, computer, and laptop.
  • A modern and uncommon device

USB Printing Options

  • Full-Color UV Printing
  • Screen Printing

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