Silver Swivel USB Flash Drives-USB-35-S

Silver Swivel USB Flash Drive. Product Size : 58 x 20 x 11 mm.
Printing Options : Laser Markings, Screen Printing.


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Features & Compatibility

The promotional swivel USB flash drive is a fashionable and elegant high-quality product that leaves a lasting effect on people?s minds. Moreover, Logo USB is able to store thousands of images, videos, and PDF files with an incredible memory ranging from 4GB to 32 GB. This Promo USB is available in colorful and bright colors to enhance the creative yet glamorous look.

In addition, The silver swivel protects the inside chip from outside interference and random drops. The silver swivel is an impressive extension that makes this USB an attractive device in the digital world.

The outside ambiance of these colorful and silver swivel USBs is blank. so it is customizable with your company?s name, emblem, or any symbol and used as a product of advertisement in important business seminars, group meetings, and conferences. You can also use these as a promotional gift to boost brand visibility. These sleek USBs will make a wonderful corporate gift. If you do not like silver, these are also obtainable in other color schemes.

  • Water-resistant and dust-proof.
  • Formulated to conserve a lot of data.
  • Can be customized with your company’s logo.
  • An outstanding promotional gift for promoting your company.
  • A sufficient corporate gift
  • Luxurious and striking design.

Printing Options

  • Laser Marking | Screen Printing

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