Introducing the Bauer SUPREME ULTRASONIC Hockey Stick, a masterful fusion of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. Crafted to meet the demands of elite players, this stick redefines the standards of power, precision, and overall performance on the ice. Unleash your full potential with a stick designed to dominate every aspect of the game.


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PowerSense Blade Core for Unrivaled Power: The SUPREME ULTRASONIC Stick features the PowerSense blade core, engineered to maximize power and shot velocity. This innovative technology ensures that every shot packs a punch, allowing you to unleash powerful drives and precise snipes with unparalleled force. Dominate the offensive zone with a stick designed to deliver a superior scoring threat.

MPK Technology for Explosive Release: Equipped with Maximum Power Kick (MPK) technology, this stick boasts an explosive low-kick point, providing an ultra-quick release for rapid-fire shots. Whether you’re sniping from the slot or firing off quick wrist shots, the SUPREME ULTRASONIC Stick responds instantly, giving you the edge in goal-scoring situations.

Duraflex Resin System for Enhanced Durability: Built to endure the intensity of high-level play, the stick features the Duraflex resin system. This cutting-edge technology enhances durability without compromising performance. Enjoy a stick that can withstand the rigors of the game, providing reliable and consistent performance throughout every match.

ACL Blade Technology for Enhanced Accuracy: The stick’s ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) blade technology ensures precise control and accuracy. Each shot and pass is executed with pinpoint precision, allowing you to pick corners and thread the needle with confidence. Elevate your playmaking abilities with a stick that enhances your passing and shooting accuracy.

Monocomp Technology for Lightweight Agility: Constructed with Monocomp technology, the SUPREME ULTRASONIC Stick achieves a true one-piece design, reducing weight and enhancing overall agility. Glide across the ice with ease, maneuvering effortlessly to create scoring opportunities and outpace opponents.

GRIPTAC Technology for Confident Handling: Bauer’s GRIPTAC technology ensures a confident grip in all playing conditions. The textured surface enhances stick control, providing you with the confidence to handle the puck with precision even during intense gameplay. Stay in control and make split-second decisions with ease.

Pro-Approved Curve Options for Personalization: Choose from pro-approved curve options to tailor the stick to your unique playing style. The SUPREME ULTRASONIC Stick offers curve profiles used by professional players, enabling you to customize your stick for optimal performance and playability on the ice.

Bauer Quality Trusted by Professionals: Bauer is a name synonymous with excellence in the hockey world, trusted by professional players worldwide. The SUPREME ULTRASONIC Stick reflects Bauer’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. When you choose Bauer, you choose a legacy of hockey expertise and innovation.

Unleash the power, precision, and performance of the Bauer SUPREME ULTRASONIC Hockey Stick. Dominate the ice with a stick that sets the standard for elite-level play, and experience the difference that top-tier technology can make in your game.

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