Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Pants

Unleash the full potential of your game with the Bauer VAPOR 2X PRO Hockey Pants, meticulously engineered to deliver elite-level performance and comfort. Whether you’re making a breakaway dash or defending your net, these pants are designed to provide the ultimate combination of protection, flexibility, and durability.


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Precision Fit for Optimal Mobility: Experience a pants design that caters to the demands of the modern player. The VAPOR 2X PRO features a precision fit, allowing for maximum mobility without compromising protection. Move with agility and confidence, knowing that your gear is tailored to complement your every stride and maneuver on the ice.

Advanced Protection Technology: Built for the intensity of the game, these pants incorporate advanced protection technology in strategic areas. High-density foams and reinforced panels provide a robust defense against impacts, slashes, and falls. Play with confidence, knowing your lower body is shielded from the physical rigors of hockey.

Adjustable Belt System for Customized Fit: Tailor the fit to your liking with the adjustable belt system of the VAPOR 2X PRO pants. Achieve a secure and comfortable fit around your waist, ensuring that your gear stays in place during the most aggressive plays. The customizable fit adds an extra layer of convenience and allows for quick adjustments between shifts.

Moisture-Wicking and Breathable Design: Stay cool and dry during intense play with the moisture-wicking and breathable design of the VAPOR 2X PRO pants. The materials efficiently manage sweat, keeping you comfortable and focused on the game. Whether it’s a high-paced practice or a crucial match, stay at your best with gear that enhances your overall performance.

Strategically Ventilated for Temperature Regulation: The VAPOR 2X PRO pants are strategically ventilated to enhance temperature regulation. Stay cool when the game heats up and maintain peak performance throughout. The well-ventilated design ensures that you can give your best even during extended periods on the ice.

Durable Construction for Longevity: Invest in gear that stands the test of time. The VAPOR 2X PRO pants are built with durability in mind, featuring reinforced stitching and high-quality materials. From aggressive moves to challenging plays, these pants are designed to endure the wear and tear of a full hockey season.

Bauer Quality Trusted by Professionals: Bauer has a legacy of excellence in the hockey world, and the VAPOR 2X PRO pants are no exception. Trusted by professional athletes, these pants embody Bauer’s commitment to quality and innovation. When you choose Bauer, you choose gear that reflects the essence of the game.

Upgrade your gear, enhance your protection, and dominate the ice with the Bauer VAPOR 2X PRO Hockey Pants. Step onto the rink with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with top-tier performance gear.

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