Unleash the power of revolutionary innovation on the ice with the Bauer VAPOR HYPERLITE STK Hockey Stick. Meticulously engineered for supreme performance, this stick combines advanced technology, precision craftsmanship, and a lightweight design to empower players with unmatched agility, powerful shots, and precise control.


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Features & Compatibility

HyperLite Technology for Unparalleled Lightness: Introducing HyperLite Technology, a groundbreaking advancement that makes the VAPOR HYPERLITE STK one of the lightest sticks in its class. This feather-light design translates to effortless handling, allowing you to move swiftly, change direction seamlessly, and respond with lightning speed to every play on the ice.

Low-Kick Point for Lightning-Fast Release: The VAPOR HYPERLITE STK features a low-kick point, making it the ideal choice for players who demand a lightning-fast release. Whether you’re engaging in quick wrist shots or unleashing powerful one-timers, this stick responds instantly, providing you with the edge to outmaneuver opponents and catch goaltenders off guard.

Advanced Carbon Layering for Explosive Power: Crafted with advanced carbon layering, the stick’s construction maximizes power generation. The strategic placement of carbon layers optimizes energy transfer, resulting in explosive shots that leave an impact. Dominate the game with a stick that propels your shots to new levels of velocity and precision.

MaxBalance Blade for Enhanced Control: Equipped with the MaxBalance blade, the VAPOR HYPERLITE STK ensures enhanced puck control and feel. The blade’s balanced design empowers you with precise stickhandling abilities, allowing you to navigate through defenders, execute precise passes, and control the puck with unparalleled confidence.

Aerofoam 3 Blade Core for Consistency: The stick features the Aerofoam 3 blade core, offering a consistent feel and dampening vibrations for enhanced control. Enjoy a reliable and predictable puck response, giving you the confidence to execute plays with precision in any game scenario.

GRIPTAC Technology for Reliable Grip: Bauer’s GRIPTAC technology is integrated into the VAPOR HYPERLITE STK, ensuring a reliable and secure grip in all playing conditions. The textured surface enhances stick control, providing you with the confidence to handle the puck with precision even during the most intense gameplay.

Pro-Approved Curve Options for Personalized Performance: Choose from pro-approved curve options to tailor the stick to your unique playing style. The VAPOR HYPERLITE STK offers curve profiles used by professional players, enabling you to customize your stick for optimal performance and playability on the ice.

Bauer Quality Trusted by Professionals: Bauer stands as a symbol of excellence in the hockey world, trusted by professional players worldwide. The VAPOR HYPERLITE STK reflects Bauer’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. When you choose Bauer, you choose a legacy of hockey expertise and innovation.

Elevate your game with the Bauer VAPOR HYPERLITE STK Hockey Stick. Experience a revolution in performance, agility, and control, and step onto the ice with a stick that sets the standard for excellence.


Level : Elite
Weight? : (g)365g

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Age Range



Left , Right


50(54") , 40(52") , 30(50")

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